Select Sidearea

Populate the sidearea with useful widgets. It’s simple to add images, categories, latest post, social media icon links, tag clouds, and more.

Text Message

Fortuna features custom Text Message element that you can add to your page texts. Simply add a new text element and from the Shortcode drop-down select “Message”. All you need to do left is leave out the type of message you want under the “type” attribute, possible values are: information, success, attention, warning_msg.

[boc_spacing height=”20px”][boc_heading html_element=”h4″ alignment=”left” color=”#333333″ subheading=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”20px” background=”bgr_double”]Message Examples[/boc_heading]

[boc_message type=”success”]Success message text example[/boc_message]

[boc_message type=”information”]Information message text example[/boc_message]

[boc_message type=”attention”]Attention message text example[/boc_message]

[boc_message type=”warning_msg”]Warning message text example[/boc_message]